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The old town of Cefalù offers direct access to its castle hill, the so-called Rocca di Cefalu. The walk takes us around castle hill and up to the castle ruins, enjoying magnificent panoramic views (2 hrs 30 mins).

Madonie Mountains
The Madonie Nature Park offers numerous excellent walking opportunities.

The Ficuzza Forest boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Western Sicily. Excellent walking tours start from the old abandoned railway track.

In Palermo itself, you can walk the old pilgrim’s way to the sanctuary of Saint Rosalia on Monte Pellegrino (about 1 hour 40 mins), and then take the bus back to town.

Route descriptions in:

  • Odmidvar, Mithra: Sicily and Aeolian Islands. The finest valley and mountain walks (Rother Walking Guide).







Dr. Anita Bestler

Hikes in Palermo Province