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There are different ways of getting around in Sicily. Listed below are the most important advantages and disadvantages.

Your own car
It is possible to travel to Sicily by car. It is rather rare that cars get broken in, yet it is still advisable not to leave any valuables in the car. The parking situation is rather difficult in the bigger cities Palermo and Catania, as there are only a few, privately-run car parks. In addition, road signs in Sicily are sometimes inadequate, although this is today often outbalanced by navigation systems. As for the driving style of the locals, well, it sort of needs getting used to… 

Renting a Car
Numerous Car Rentals offer their services at different conditions. Full comprehensive cover is highly recommended. Very reliable is e.g. Fili Car and Coach Rental, tel.: 0039-095-7270650, fax: 0039-095-7270590, e-mail:, Website: The lady on the phone speaks English.

All the provincial capitals have a main station. Travel times and connections can be viewed at: The advantage of rail travel are the cheap prices, the disadvantage is that many of the main attractions – especially archaeological excavations – are often far away from the stations.

The provincial capitals and smaller towns can easily be reached by coach or bus. They are only slightly more expensive than the trains, and usually quicker and more reliable. The bus and coach connections are mostly run by private companies and can therefore not be viewed at a central website.

Taxis are expensive. Usually taxi drivers will not switch on the taximeter. It is therefore crucial to agree on a price before starting the journey.

Chartered Rental Cars and Coaches
The advantage of hiring a car, coach or minibus with a driver is that you will neither have to worry about the route or places to park. In addition, most Sicilian drivers are very friendly and always happy to help. The disadvantage is the price you pay for the driver.

Getting Around in Sicily


Dr. Anita Bestler