Via Etnea Catania  


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Dom Catania
Teatro Bellini

On the shores of the Ionic Sea, the province of Catania points to the East, towards Greece. No surprise therefore that the ancient Greeks settled first in these Eastern parts of Sicily. The most important city here is the bustling Catania with its spectacular fish market, where the mongers vociferously compete in praising their freshly caught sea produce. Another highlight to visit in Catania is the baroque cathedral, not only to commemorate the composer Vincenzo Bellini at his grave, but also to visit the relic chapel of Saint Agatha. The volcanic Mount Etna, locally known as Mongibello, should not be missed either, as it is one of the most expansive and most famous volcanoes of the world.

Piazza Catania
Keramik - aus Caltagirone
Amphitheater Catania




Dr. Anita Bestler