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The province of Palermo stretches from the Tyrrhenian Sea in the North to the hills and mountains of Central Sicily in the South. Highlights to visit in Palermo are its Arabo-Norman edifices, baroque palaces and churches, and numerous first class museums. Some of the nearby towns are also worth a visit: The 'royal' Monreale boasts an imposing Norman cathedral and an enchanting covered walkway in its Benedictine monastery. Bagheria is famous for its baroque Villas, and Cefalù is an old medieval fishing village. The picturesque Madoni Mountains are yet to be discovered by the tourist trail, and are a fantastic opportunity to trace Sicily's rich agricultural history.
Sizilianischer Signore im Cafe
Jugendstil-Motiv Capo-Markt Palermo
Campanile Martoranakirche Palermo
Innenhof Arch. Museum Palermo
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