Taormina bei Nacht mit Ätna Provinz Messina  


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Teatro Greco Taormina
Lipari und Vulcano
The province of Messina reaches from the Ionic Sea in the East to the Tyrrhenian Sea in the North. The vegetation of this picturesque province is lush, the villages and little towns enchanted. It is no surprise that for a long time the medieval town of Taormina has attracted and inspired painters, poets and other artists. The same goes for the Lipari Islands, which have served as the stage for a number of movies. Most famous among the islands is the fire-spitting Stromboli, the most active volcano in Europe. Messina is worth a visit as well, and from here a ferry can be taken for a short trip over the narrows of Messina to Calabria.
Theater Taormina und Ätna
Blick vom Stadtpark Taormina
Taormina by night




Dr. Anita Bestler