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I had already started to work as a tour guide in Malta and Italy as a student, so I was able  to communicate the themes I was interested in to wider audiences. I worked for German travel companies and agents to start with, and later for Italian operators, too. I acquired the Tour Guide Certificate from the Federation of German Tourism Industry (Bundesverband der Deutschen Tourismuswirtschaft), as well as the official licence as 'Guida Turistica' of the Assessorato Turismo Communicazione e Trasporti of the region of Sicily. Since some years I am also working as lecturer on luxurious cruise ships like the Sea Cloud.


Anita Bestler
Anita Bestler

After a degree in Sociology, Political Science and Psychology, I specialized my doctoral research in sociology, and in questions of Mediterranean Culture and Society. As a university lecturer I conducted seminars, and held speeches and presentations at a diverse range of institutions (universities, academies, schools of further education, business organisations etc.). I have also published widely, and have organized and supervised several university field trips to Sicily and Malta. 


Dr. Anita Bestler