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In September, Cefalu stages its Sherbeth Festival, an international ice cream festival. Any conceivable varieties of ice cream can be tasted here. More information from Comune di Cefalù, Ufficio Turismo.


Sicilia Open Golf
In spring the Italian Federation of Golf holds its Sicilia Open Golf Tournament on the most important Golf courses of Sicily, e.g. on the Le Madonie Golf Club of Collesano. More information at:


Summer festivals
August sees a number of village festivals in several communities in the Madoni Mountains, building on the agricultural traditions of the past. Geraci Siculo e.g. has its Giostra dei Ventimiglia, Gangi the Sagra della Spiga and Petralia Sottana the Ballo della Cordella. More information at,,,


World Festival on the Beach
In May, Mondello celebrates its World Festival on the Beach. A number of sporting events like wind surfing, sailing and beach volleyball are complemented with concerts and a photo competition. More information at:,


Week of Church Music
In winter the cathedral of Monreale stages its traditional week of church music. More information at:


Motor Racing Targa Florio
In May, Palermo hosts the Targa Florio, the oldest car race in the world, founded by racing pioneer Vincenzo Florio. It consists of two separate races, one with vintage cars and one with contemporary racing cars. The races start at the Piazza Politeama in Palermo and are continued in the Madoni Mountains (Cerda, Caltavuturo, Scillato, Polizzi, Campofelice di Roccella, Lascari, Cefalu, Termini and Imerese). More information at:

Festival of Saint Rosalia
Between July 10 and 15, Palermo celebrates its patron saint Rosalia. Highlight of the festivities is the night of the 14th to 15th, when thousands of Palermitans follow the decorated carriage of Saint Rosalia along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele to the seaside. After midnight spectacular fireworks are fired off at the seaside. More information at:

In summer in the hot summer nights in the old town of Palermo – between the Piazza Magione, Piazza Kalsa, the Spasimo, the Palazzo Bonagia and the Via Alloro – there are a variety of open air events, such as theatre performances, exhibitions and concerts. This series of events is then continued in winter with a Kal’s Art Winter. More information at:

The Teatro Politeama Garibaldi of Palermo stages a number of concerts. The current programme can be viewed at:,

Friends of the opera or ballet will find a visit to the Teatro Massimo of Palermo especially inspiring. The current programme can be viewed online at:,

Puppet Theatre: Festival di Morgana
For 25 years, Palermo has staged its puppet theatre festival, running between November and December. At the Festival di Morgana, Sicilian puppeteers show off their skills. More information at:

Puppet Theatre Performances
All through the year, puppet theatre is performed at the following venues:

Puppet Theatre Vincenzo Argento
Via Pietro Novelli

Puppet Theatre Mimmo Cuticchio
Via Bara all’Olivello

Teatro Carlo Magno
Via Collegio di Mara al Borgo, Email: teatrocarloma­

Theatre Performances
The following theatres offer performances all through the year:

Teatro Libero Palermo

Teatro Biondo

Teatro al Massimo

Metropolitan Movie Theater

Teatro Agricantus,

Tuk-Tuk rides
Giovanni Calerdone, Email:, Tel.: 0039-338-3928992


Byzantine Easter Festivities
During Easter, the Alban town of Piana degli Albanesi celebrates Easter Byzantine-style. The festivities start with a rendition of the lazari, commemorating the rising of Lazarus from the dead. On Palm Sunday the Archbishop traditionally rides on a donkey. On Easter Saturday there is a ceremony of foot-washing. More information at:,


Solunt Film Festival
In September Solunt stages an international film, music and art festival. More information at:,


The town of Termini Imerese celebrates its carnival in February, with magnificent carriage parades. More information at:


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