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Fest Rosalia Palermo

Almond Blossom Festival

In February, Agrigento hosts its annual Almond Blossom Festival. Folkloristic groups from all over the world perform here. More information at:,,,

Festival „Il Mito“
Between June and September, Agrigento hosts the festival „Il Mito“, mainly in the Valle dei Templi. It includes concerts of classical music, entertainment music and theatre performances. More information at:

Teatro Pirandello
The Pirandello Theatre stages plays and musicals. More information at: Tel. (0039) - 0922 - 590360


In May, the village of Casteltermini hosts the traditional Taratatà Festival. Highlight of this is the Battle of the Sabre Fencers in historical costumes on Sunday. More information at:


Inycon – Menfi und sein Wein
In summer, Menfi hosts the event ‘Inycon’ dedicated to wine. The three day festivities include wine tasting, exhibitions and other wine-related events. More information at :


Easter Celebrations

Among the more spectacular Easter celebrations in Sicily are the famous Archi di Pasqua in the little village of San Biagio Platani. A symbolic reunion between the risen Christ and the Mother of God is re-enacted under beautifully decorated arches. More information at:


Sicilia Open Golf
In spring, the Italian Golf Federation stages its Sicilian Open on Sicily’s most important golf courses, such as at the Il Verdura Golf & Spa Resort of Sciacca. More informationen at:

In February, Sciacca hosts one of the most spectacular carnival in Sicily. There are impressive carriage parades and the election of a Miss Carnevale di Sciacca. More information at:,



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